TayTay's Wedding

It's the final countdown

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Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Tay! I’ve been listening since the Jim days.  It was so great to hear you go through the whole dating experience and share it all with us listeners! I am so happy for you and Brett and am sure you two will have many happy years together! 

- LaToya

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Taylor…wishing you and Brett the best of luck (on your wedding day) & a lifetime of happiness. Hope your wedding day is awesome!

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I got XM the day Taylor told her engagement story, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you for making my day, everyday! I’m am so happy for you and Brett.

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Best Wishes for a long and happy life together! I pray that your wedding day is beautiful and all that you’ve hoped for :)Cosmo Radio is mandatory in my life and Wake Up With Taylor was the first show I ever listened to on Sirius. I love you and wish you nothing but the best!


Please post pictures gal!

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Wishing you both all the happiness in the world

One thing about weddings… they take a year to plan and they go by in a blink of an eye.  Just remember, through all the nervousness and craziness of that morning, remember to stop and take it all in and feel all the love around you.  

It’s gonna be so awesome, Jackie!!  

I wish you and Brett the most amazing wedding day and a lifetime full of laughter, silliness, and buckets and buckets of love.  If that man knew enough about you to take you to THE bridge in Paris where Big told Carrie she was “the one”, then he obviously lives up to his on air name, “Mr. P”.  

xoxo… Tara

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What would I do without you two??

Taylor and Brett, Thank you so much for sharing your stories about your love, your life and each other.  You have given us laughs, tears and courage to go find true happiness in love, such as (yeah, I said it) that you two experience everyday of your lives.  I wish you two the absolute best that marriage and friendship have to offer.  I love you guys!

- Michelle

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It feels like only yesterday…

…that I was literally late to a meeting in my car listening to the Paris engagement story! I CAN NOT WAIT to see photos from the wedding and I’m more than happy to go in on the gift (even if I can only give a little).  MWAH! LOVE YOU TAY TAY (and great idea Tara!!)

-Nicole from PA by way of NJ who moved to VA who now lives in upstate NY…loyal fan for 3 years and going STRONG!

PS: Shameless plug…follow my blog here on Tumblr, too! ;)

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Updated countdown!

Hi Taylor!  That last countdown clock was CONFUSING, right Jackie!?  So here’s an updated countdown that just counts down the days, up until your wedding day.  

Mazel… good things, 


Brett & Taylor

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I thought you should see the video that goes along with Europe’s song, “The Final Countdown”.  I have to admit, I LOVE it, but then again I’m a hair metal fanatic and I don’t care who knows it :-)  This is from a time when concerts were FUN.  Enjoy the cheestastic-ness!!

- Tara

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Tay & Brett,

Congratulations & best wishes for a wonderful wedding!  :) 

BUT I don’t want the almost-hitched bitch segments to stop!  (Can you do a regular hitched-bitch segment?!?)

Enjoy your Big Day, and take care!

-One of your loyal listeners, Rachel

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Congratulations Tay and Stinklehead!  I love your stories and thank you for sharing your lives with us.  You make my mornings more fun and exciting!  Best Wishes with everything!

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Congrats to a wonderful couple!


Thanks for so generously sharing your life with us and the journey of your relationship with Brett beginning with the inital meeting, through the early days of dating, the budding romance, to the engagement in Paris and all the wedding planning that has followed. I think all of us listeners truly feel that we know Brett, and what a wonderful team you will make. I love you and wish you nothing but happiness and success. Thanks for making my every day that much better.


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I know Brett better than he knows himself. Maybe I should marry him!